Call for Content

Update: November 2015. Please note that student writers and artists are still eligible to contribute content to the ‘Memories of War’ blog, however the documentary film is now complete.

Professional and Creative Writing students toured the Gold Museum in preparation for their writing goal.

Professional and Creative Writing students toured the Gold Museum in preparation for their writing goal.

Students at Federation University Australia are invited to contribute writing, research, performances or creative content for a specially developed blog hosted by the Gold Museum on Ballarat’s World War One experience.

The content students produce, if selected, will be published on the blog as a community resource to help the people of Ballarat commemorate World War One.

(THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOW CLOSED) The research students undertake to develop content will also inform a documentary film to be produced about the WW1 experience in Ballarat.

Read more for information on the ‘Memories of War’ project.

Download flyer:
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Who is Eligible?

Lecturer talks to students.

Fed Uni lecturer Annette Chappel talks to writing students on their visit to the Gold Museum in May 2015 in preparation for their contribution to the WW1 Blog. Photograph by Jary Nemo.

Students of Federation University Australia at the Mt Helen/ Ballarat campuses are eligible to participate. We are interested in contributions from a range of people.

For further information on eligibility contact the Memories of War Liaison Dr David Waldron: Mt Helen Campus H Building Room 226, 03 5327 9710, d.waldron@federation.edu.au

Course Credit

The following Federation University Australia courses are offering assignment options which connect to the Memories of War project:

  • HISOC 1003: Australian Colonial History
  • HISSG 1106: World Empires
  • HISGL 1107: Australia People and Cultures
  • LITCR 1002: Expository Writing
  • LITCI 2204: Digital Writing Genres
  • EDBED1007: Australian History Curriculum
  • FLMOL 1001 Australian Cinema
  • BAFND1004: Western Civilization

Students of these courses wanting more information on assignment options should talk to the relevant course coordinator.

What Sort of Content?

We are after mostly written content, hopefully with some associated images, which informs or adds insight to the experiences of individual Ballarat people during World War One (1914-1918).

The written content can be historical, research-based, journalistic, reflective or creative. It can be any length from very short (50 words) to quite long (3000 words).

Students at Gold Museum

Fed Uni writing students visiting the Gold Museum in preparation for their contribution to the WW1 Blog.

We are particularly interested in stories which:

  • Make readers think about what life was like for the people of Ballarat at home and at war during that time.
  • Make readers feel personally connected to specific Ballarat people from the time, men or women, young and old, those who went to war and those who stayed behind.
  • Draw the reader’s attention to specific important dates or events in the world or in Ballarat, and explain how they relate to the experience of Ballarat people.
  • Give a sense of how the grand themes and debates in Australia or the world at that time related to the local conditions of Ballarat.
  • Reflect on the legacy of World War One and the relevance of commemorating it in Ballarat today.

There are also options to produce audio and video content. Contact the Memories of War FedUni Liaison Dr David Waldron for more details: Mt Helen Campus H Building Room 226, 03 5327 9710 d.waldron@federation.edu.au

Or chat about what we are doing at the project Facebook page


Content Submissions

How to prepare your contribution

  1. Check you are eligible (see above)
  2. Download the following documents
  3. Follow the directions provided in the Contribution Guide


Thanks for your interest.