Call for Actors – NOW CLOSED

The call for actors to contribute readings for the ‘Memories of War’ project is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Original Posting

We are hoping to enlist your help in creating the tapestry of content for the documentary film. We are looking for actors to do monologues straight to camera. These monologues will be drawn from letters and diary entries of Ballarat people involved in the Great War.

The purpose of the readings is to provide a way for the viewing audience to connect to the voices, language, desires and thoughts of the people who went through the Great War a hundred years ago. The readings are our emotional link to the history, and will contrast with the more directly factual interviews with students.

Oh What a Lovely War

Federation University Australia Arts Academy Graduating Actors in the May 2015 Performance of ‘Oh What a Lovely War’. Photograph by Jodiee Hutchinson.

Each reading will be no more than two minutes long.

This offer is open to all third year actors at the Faculty of Education & Arts at Fed Uni.

There will be no auditions. We will film all third year performers who wish to participate.

There is no cash payment for the performance but we will provide everyone who wants to be involved a copy of their final performance in broadcast quality and streaming media quality, free to use and adapt and show with no strings attached. We will also place every performance on a purpose built web site hosted at the Gold Museum.

Selected performances from those recorded will be included in the final film and those selected performers will be credited in the film. We don’t know yet how many readings we will use in the film.

For more information download the brief (pdf)


Lucinda Horrocks, Producer, 03 53395469.

Or chat about what we are doing at the project Facebook page

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