Horace Clyde Martyr

A new post about Horace Clyde Martyr has been uploaded to the Gold Museum Memories of War blog.

Written by Danni Roberts, history student at Federation University, the article explores the story of World War 1 veteran Horace Martyr as told through items in the Gold Museum collection. To read the article visit http://www.goldmuseum.com.au/horace-clyde-martyr/

The Gold Museum holds Horace Martyr's medals.

The Gold Museum holds Horace Martyr’s medals.

About the Memories of War Project

The Memories of War Film and Research Project ‘The Last Goodbye’ is part of the Memories of War Film and Research collaboration between the Ballarat RSL, Federation University Australia, the Ballarat Gold Museum, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Wind & Sky Productions and the Ballarat Ranger Military Museum. It was funded by the Australian Government Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program and the Victorian Government Anzac Centenary Major Grants Program.

For more information about the project visit http://mow.windsky.com.au/

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